Join the Gamma Programme

Once a year, we bring together 40 startups with outstanding potential and exciting initiatives to meet and connect with the leading names in the African tech ecosystem. These startups gain access to a suite of tailored benefits, including pitching opportunities, workspace access, networking sessions, credits, and more. Applications for the Gamma program close soon. Don't miss the chance to join us in Lagos this year.

Experience the power of GAMMA. If you're selected, here's what awaits you:

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    Elevate your pitch game with access to the prestigious Pitch Battleground. [Participation is through a selective process]

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    Engage in the thrilling 'Pitch in 30 words' activity for a chance to shine. [Participants chosen through a rigorous selection process.]

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    Work hassle-free with a complimentary one-month co-working space in Nigeria.

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    Enjoy an exclusive 50% discount valued at N250,000($300) on #ATE Exhibition stand, view original costs here for transparency.

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    Benefit from subsidized charges on sales and revenue consulting, guided by seasoned sales coaches with over 10 years of experience, to further propel your success!

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    Navigate legal complexities with two - five months of free expert advice and regulatory guidance.

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    Harness comprehensive support for funding, expert technical assistance, and strategic optimization powered by CloudPlexo. With this you will get FREE monthly strategy sessions and subsidised professional services fees.

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    Unlock up to $5000 in AWS credits to fuel your tech ambitions.

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    Shine bright with exposure to a thriving community of 100,000+ enterprises and investors.

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    Discover exclusive perks, discounts, and vouchers from our esteemed partners.

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    Boost your marketing efforts with $5000 worth of Sendpulse Marketing Credits.

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    Get connected! Meet potential investors or partners with personalized introductions at #ATE2024.

Before you proceed, kindly note the following:

  • Limited Acceptance: Only 15% - 20% of startup applications are accepted into the Gamma Program. If not selected, you can still exhibit at #ATE2024 by visiting the Book a Stand Page here or apply for the Virtual pitch here. There is no appeal process for the gamma program if your application is refused, and re-application will be necessary next year.

  • Battleground Pitch Notifications: Applications deemed suitable for the Battleground Pitch will receive email notifications accordingly.

  • Please note that if selected, you’ll be sent an email containing your special discount code for your exhibition stand and will be required to secure your stand within 48 hours of receipt or forfeit selection.

become a gamma startup

Sign up below and join over 50 ingenious startups building the future in Africa. We can’t wait to host you in Lagos.

How it works

  • Fill out the Application Form: If selected, you will receive a notification along with a discount code to secure a stand at the Africa Technology Expo 2024 within 48 hours.

  • Selection Process: Our team will review your application within 48 - 96 hours and drop our feedback.

  • Show Up and Show Off: Showcase your startup at the expo, take advantage of the networking opportunities, and make the most out of your participation!

  • Notification of Selection: If selected, you will receive a notification along with a discount code to secure a stand at the Africa Technology Expo 2024 within 48 hours.

Startup activations at the Africa Technology Expo:

Africa Pitch Battleground

#ATE2024 Pitch Battleground: 10 Selected startups vie for victory, presenting groundbreaking tech solutions in the #ATE Pitch Battleground. Who will emerge triumphant in shaping Africa's technological landscape? Get ready for an epic showdown!

Speed Networking

Speed Networking offers participants brief, timed interactions with multiple attendees, facilitating efficient networking. Each participant engages with 10 individuals in 30-minute sessions, with just 3 minutes per person for swift and impactful connections. It is only open to the first 100 people with an innovator or delegate pass.

Developer circles

At Developer Circles, we unite CTOs and developers from across the continent to engage with leading companies providing alternative solutions for their dollar costs. Meet enterprises offering payment options in local currencies for services ranging from cloud computing to email services and beyond.

Innovator Lounge

The Innovator Lounge provides a dedicated space for startups to collaborate, brainstorm, and unwind. It offers a dynamic environment equipped with resources and amenities to support innovation and networking among attendees. This is open to all innovator pass holders and gamma startups.

pitch in 30 seconds

Are you seeking heightened exposure to a tailored audience? The "Virtual Fire Pitch" at #ATE2024 is your chance. Startups have the chance to broadcast their innovative solutions in 30 seconds. Even if you’re not accepted into the gamma program, you can still participate but an innovator or delegate pass is required.


Gamma startups are offered a prime platform at the Africa Technology Expo, providing them with a dedicated space to showcase their pioneering innovations. Don't miss the chance to witness firsthand the groundbreaking solutions these startups bring to Africa's tech ecosystem!